Corporate history


1999 founding in Regensburg, Germany as a whole-owned subsidiary of the Dutch company “Euro Bevrachting Ben van Dijk B.V.” This came about as a result of the presence required on the River Danube in Regensburg that is so critical from a nautical and technical shipping perspective. This created the necessary infrastructure to support the shipping agents in a highly qualified and competent way via the waterways leading to and from the ARA ports with loading docks on the Danube and as far as the Black Sea.
Takeover by the on-site management of 50% of the company’s shares. Company operating since then under the name “Euro Bevrachting Germany GmbH”.

In order to meet the requirements of a fast-growing market, and in particular with a view to adequately serving the needs of the shipping agents, it became necessary to implement a shift from merely a freighting company into a shipping enterprise with its own shipping space.

Above all, this took into consideration the very complex nautical conditions on the Danube that are always liable to change quickly. This change has been effectively realised with the utilisation of very shallow transport equipment.

The establishment of subsidiaries and affiliated holdings along the Danube has been driven forward in parallel to the development of our own shipping enterprise, thereby creating an extensive network encompassing the entire Danube region. Shipping agents are advised according to their needs in their own native language and in line with their own way of working.

Euro Bevrachting - Today

The Euro Bevrachting Group is now one of the leading providers of inland waterway transports from the River Rhine via the Main and the Main-Danube Canal to the River Danube, and vice versa. Transport management of the fleet is controlled from Regensburg in close coordination with Rotterdam, in accordance with the requirements of customers.
In addition to 25 of our own inland waterway vessels, approximately 70 – 80 self-propelled motorboats at the trading posts in Rotterdam and Bucharest make up our disposable fleet with a load capacity of around 120,000 tons. Shipping units with a load volume of 350 – 4,000 tons, operated by a range of means from individuals right through to push tows, guarantee flexibility when it comes to our customers’ delivery lots.
The area in which the ships operate, from the ARA ports as far as the Black Sea, covers more than 3,000 km in total. Our range of logistics services also incorporates all-in-one transport chains via seaports, e.g. the classic Danube-to-sea transports.
Access to this individually deployable shipping space also enables the Euro Bevrachting Group to transport bulk goods both reliably and on time.

Quality is one our most important company targets in this respect. In order to meet our high standards, we have tried-and-tested quality checks in place that are being enhanced on an ongoing basis. This process is also publically documented in the form of certificates for the standards GMP + B 4.2.
With the aim of securing our corporate management and succession for the future and maintaining our high quality standards, we decided to restructure our company and rename it to “Euro Bevrachting Germany AG” with effect from 01.01.2011.