From the North Sea to the Black Sea
The Euro Bevrachting Group forwards an extensive and wide-ranging variety of products in the bulk goods sector for its customers.

agricultural products: Soya, maize, rapeseed, barley, wheat, brewing malt and                                                           sunflower seeds

proeject cargo: transformators, wind power stations, construction parts,                                                             reactors

Mined products: Coal, iron ore and steel products

For many years now, Euro Bevrachting Germany AG has been both a supplier for the international food industry and a service provider for globally operational trading companies. We also support international forwarding groups in the form of combined transports via the European inland waterways. The Bavarian section of the River Danube with its ports in Regensburg, Straubing and Passau serves as an optimum trimodal interface here.


Euro Bevrachting Germany AG has many decades of know-how in the field of specialist transports. Project cargo handling is realised to the ports in the ARA region and to Constanta on the Black Sea. Working in close cooperation with internationally operational project forwarders, we develop tailor-made transport solutions. We have already delivered project shipments with unit weights of more than 1,000 tons “just in time” on a global scale to China, South Africa, the USA, the Middle East and the Far East – to the absolute satisfaction of our customers!