The fleet

The shipping subsidiaries of the Euro Bevrachting Group have a fleet at their disposal with a total load capacity of approx. 38,000 tons and a power output of approx. 20,000 PS.

These units including self-propelling motor-powered cargo ships, pusher boats and push barges are equipped with state-of-the-art communication systems and the very latest shipping technology. The management of these systems and aggregates is carried out by qualified and motivated specialist personnel.

This ensures that the shipping agent remains informed about the current status of their transports at any given time. The fleet includes ships with a loading capacity of approx. 350 tons, right through to pushing units capable of operating with a capacity of some 5,000 tons. Additionally, pushing units can be combined to produce a capacity of up to 10,000 tons. 



mv Lu-Ma-1354


length: 109,50 m
width: 11,45 m
max. cargo-capacity: 3.206,440 mt       
engine performance: 1.700 hp
mv Miklos H-1354

Miklos H

length: 109,99 m
width: 11,45 m
max. cargo-capacity: 3.146,148 mt
enginge performance: 1.836 hp
mv Stadt Nuernberg + SL Bojan in Budapest-1354

Stadt Nuernberg

length: 104,85 m
width: 9,50 m
max. cargo-capacity: 2.225,500 mt
engine performance: 1.302 hp
mv Regensburg in westport of regensburg-1354


length: 85,92 m
width: 8,25 m
max. cargo-capacity: 1.131,037 mt
engine performance: 1.100 hp
mv Danube 1 in Budapest-1354

Danube 1

length: 84,97 m
width: 8,20 m
max. cargo-capacity: 1.217,000 mt
engine performance: 960 hp
mv Karin in Medvedov-1354


length: 85,00 m
width: 9,20 m
max. cargo-capacity: 1.170,034 mt
engine performance: 750 hp
mv Johannes upstream in Dürnstein-1354


length: 84,25 m
width: 8,22 m
max. cargo-capacity: 1.148,926 mt
engine performance: 862 hp




length: 85,98 m
width: 9,00 m
max. cargo-capacity: 1.442,283 mt
engine performance: 800 hp





length: 23,78 m
width: 9,20 m
engine performance: 2.029 hp

Anton in passage Donaustauf (Walhalla)-1354


length: 33,16 m
width: 10,17 m
engine performance: 2.556 hp



SL 2500

length: 82,60 m
width: 10,15 m
max. cargo-capacitiy: 1.520,670 mt

EB 15 - series
EB1507 - EB1513

length: 71,00 m
width: 10,50 m
cargo-capacity: ~ 1.500,000 mt

EB 17 - series
EB1701 - EB1703

length: 76,50 m
width: 10,50 m -11,00 m
cargo-capicity: ~ 1.700,000 mt